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pie N has a good handful of creative exploits, and has been lots of places--->

Here are some recent activities:

+ Author of report: Of Cougars and Kittens in Vampire Visual Rhetoric of the Last 30 Years: Ageism, Sexuality, Conformity and Ethics in Relation to Contemporary Fictional Female Vampires in Film & Television. Paper Proposal Accepted by The London Consortium, The University of London, Vampires: Myths of the Past and the Future Conference organized by Dr. Simon Bacon, November 2011

+ Author of chapter: Asian American Women and The Internet for Race/Gender/Media, 3rd Edition, Editor Dr. Rebecca Ann Lind, University of Illinois at Chicago, Pearson Publishing, pub date January 2012

+ Screening Proposal Accepted by Society of Cinema & Media Studies (member) of film HOWL at New Orleans, LA SCMS Annual Conference by Dr. Beretta E. Smith-Shomade,Tulane University, March 2011

When she wasn't go-go-ing for peace and peanuts at Spa's Dodgy Disco in NYC or Synthetic in LA, or playing keyboards with an extendable fork for Calls After Midnight, she was behind the camera or in front of the computer. 

She also co-headed the once infamous FAGS, Franklin Avenue Gang, up in the 90068 with The Cunningham Twins, Seth Shellhouse and Whitney Fierce.  They lived at the 101 Diner and in the surrounding foothills.

Topie is the producer of two mini documentaries.

"Club Rock 2000" features Misstress Formika, Rustyn L. Birch, Miss Guy, Debbie Harry and The Toilet Boys on a night at Michael Schmidt's Squeezebox in the early part of the century

"Goth Parking Lot" was filmed outside of a Cure concert at Jones Beach, New York and made with encouragement from fellow Marylanders John Heyn and Jeff Krulik of "
Heavy Metal Parking Lot"

Topie has amassed a bunch of raw footage for "Generation Divided" where she and her sister, with the help of others, interview supporters of Barack Obama and those of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election year

Topie's recent video foray includes a promo video for The Jack Rabbit Collection (LA)

opie has been written about by Ian Shapira of The Washington Post.  She has also been interviewed for articles in The National and been on the back page of
V Magazine.  

She has written features articles for: Sweet Action,
Useless, Vodka, Urb and BPM Magazines about fashionistas, internet dating, boys in LA, Ima Robot, Moving Units, etc.  She's also written for Nylon Magazine's Beauty Diary- hanging out with Sting's yoga guru.  A recent story is a feature for Working Class Magazine's Smut Issue.  Her latest feature is about hanging with Nick Jasenovec, director of the film Paper Heart for the Useless Magazine print edition, Volume 9 'Evolve Issue': "Nick would rather be in Paris right now. No, not her, the city...", credited as Thuc Nguyen.

opie goes by Topie because it's easier to say than Thuc (you know like Thucydides (Thoo-Sid-Id-Ease), if you paid attention in Greek History class). 

She has worked as a TV writers' assistant for Bruckheimer/Warner Brothers Television

She lent a hand to the book "Brand Spirit"  by Hamish Pringle and her mentor, Marjorie Thompson whilst working for Saatchi & Saatchi in London.  Check her out in the 'Thank Yous'

Topie has been a marketing manager for Electric Artists, 75ark and 360hiphop in New York City

She finished up her double majoring undergrad at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then got a graduate degree after years of swearing she would never return to school, and started taking more classes after that--

She has US and EU (Irish) citizenship- great for film producing and funding


  Opening for Metric at the El Rey Theater


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