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The Twixter’s Guide to the Galaxy

Table of Contents


What is a twixter?

+Lev Grossman Time Magazine definition

  • 30 is the new 20, right?

Do you have direction?

  • How to find it
  • Where to find it
  • How to stick with it

 Going back to school
won’t hurt you.

  • Types of degrees
  • Time commitments
  • Financial commitments

What if you have to move back in with your parents?

  • What to do with your free time
  • Save money-Don’t spend more because you don’t have to pay the rent
  • Parents and their pesky questions
  • How not to go out of your mind back in the nest


Don’t go from scene queen (or scene king) to has been

  • How to transition gracefully away from the rat race for a while
  • Maintain your contacts
  • Encourage others


Get the most out of being back in the small pond

  • You never know who knows who
  • Spearheading, showing the community something you learned


How to not make lateral moves

  • Don’t put yourself on repeat.  The years go by.
  • Setting personal goals


Getting a meaningful job

  • What to do after that interview
  • Same spot, different jobs
  • The 30 year old assistant?


Generation Rx and Generation Why?

  • Where are you in relation to the world: babyboomers and the new kids (most births in 2007 than ever in history)


Giving Back

  • Make more links
  • Feel a connection
  • The difference between self interested and self serving
  • Don’t be selfish


Re-emerging (again, as a beautiful, yet smarter, butterfly)

  • The competitive world
  • New Trends
  • Mastering the next level of your life




And now for the work of fiction:

WGA Registered

The story of Vertere is told by Gabe Beckett, a boy in his late teens. He talks about his move from the art and intellect of New York City to the hazy neon and smog of Los Angeles, at the will of his parents.

Although hesitant to assimilate, Gabe does come around and meets a few characters who change his life- his friend Mick being one. The other being a brilliant older girl named Serrania (Seri).

Gabe is slowly introduced to information about the secrets of the unseen aspects controlling our world.

Vertere is a supernatural mystery. 
It leaves you wondering if Gabe and Seri will end up together sometime in the future, or if their love is completely lost.

Being a New Urbanite

Table of Contents




Safety in the City

  • Self preservation

-Keeping yourself out of harm’s way

  • Protect your belongings
  • Mental stability


+Collected personal stories of safety incidences


Finding a place to Live

  • Getting a place before you arrive

-What to look out for

-Ask for help

  • Looking for a place once you are there

-What to look for

-What to avoid

  • How neighborhoods and populations shift
  • Do your research

-Look into the neighborhood, building, prospective roommates

-Keep good records

-Renter’s terms

  • What to definitely stay away from

-If it’s too good to be true/under market, it’s probably illegal

-Don’t live with people who run illegal home businesses

  • Moving on your own



  • Living with Friends



  • Example cities and neighborhoods: Gay, Hipster, Wholesome, Upscale

Description of types of dwellings/

How to pronounce neighborhood and street names


-New York

-Los Angeles



 +Collected personal stories of how people found their home



Your Job or Career and Finances

  • What professionally do you want to get out of the city?
  • Getting a mentor
  • Internships
  • How to save
  • How to live on the cheap
  • How to feed yourself inexpensively


+Collected personal stories of how people found their calling, tales of being broke or in the money


Your Personal Urban Style

  • The way fashion works
  • Basics on what not to do
  • Be prepared for the elements
  •  Subgroups of style in the city

-          Rockers

-          Bohemians

-          Rock-a-billies

-          Hip Hoppers

-          Hipster or Octogenarian

-          Dandies

-          Preppies

-          Goths

-          Hybriders

-          Where to get those duds you want


   +Collected personal stories of how people develop and change their style


Types of People You Will Encounter

  • How to network the nice way
  • How crowds work
  • Who to beware of


-The train wreck

-Types of trustfunders

-The needy ones

-Religious zealots

-Those using you to get to your friends


·         Ways to avoid being ‘That Guy’ or ‘That Girl’

-   Don’t act dumb

-   Social situations

-          Hooking up

-          Don’t date people who are friends

-          Don’t be a ‘bummer’


+Collected personal stories of how interpersonal interactions



Who Not to Date

·         Those who just take advantage

·         Those refusing to adapt

·         Actors and Musicians

·         The last call predator

·         The older man or woman who want you to be ‘kept’

·         People who don’t respect you enough to stop talking about their ex

·         The Self Loather

·         NA or AA people.  They are not ready.

-What Al-non is

·         The make-out monster


+Collected personal stories of bad dates and relationships



City Couples who work well together


People who are together and are creative together

            - Examples




City Couples who are bad news for each other


People who have led each other down the wrong path

-  Druggie couples

- Co-dependentcouples

-  Mentally-physically abusive couples

-  Some are all three of the above

       - Examples



Night Life Etiquette

·         What to wear: Dress the Part

-          To a dive bar

-          To a posh club

-          To a concert, the band t-shirt principle

-          Don’t look like B&T (Bridge and Tunnel)


·         Promoters and sub-promoters

·         The Door guy or girl

·         The Bartenders

·         The Coat Check guy or girl

·         The Bands

·         The Go-Go Dancers

·         You see someone who catches your eye

·         So, you want to throw your own party


+Collected personal stories of clubbing and barhopping





-New Year’s Eve- Don’t believe the hype


+Collected personal stories of NYE outings


-Your parents come to visit


-Hosting your out of town friends





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