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Mindy Wu Tran Versus Silicon Beach aka

Silicon Beach Bonfire of The Assholes

WGA registered

In order to keep her start-up alive (one that actually doesn't cater to the 1%), Mindy must battle racism, sexism and more in #Brotopia.

WGA registered

Tove is unceremoniously dumped two days before American Thanksgiving, after she thought she and her significant other were at the closest point of their interracial relationship. In flashbacks we learn of some of the complications. Tove navigates the rest of "Cuffing Season" with her friends and learns to sort out other such baggage like society and her family expecting her to be an example of the "model minority". 



1886 is a historical drama based on real life stories that surround the Haymarket bombing of May 4, 1886, the subsequent trial and executions of anarchists in America who fought for the eight hour work day and to end child labor.

The story centers on an interracial couple-- Lucy Parsons, an African-American/Mexican labor activist born into slavery and Albert Parsons, who at age 13 fights for the CSA and later denounces his indoctrination to advocate for the rights of freed slaves and the working class.

The story also focuses on German immigrants--  Louis Lingg, a young Mannheim born carpenter unionist who emigrates to Chicago and German language newspaper publisher August Spies and his assistant Adolph Fischer. Lingg commits suicide in prison, leaving behind the love of his life. Spies meets his wife as a result of the conspiracy trial.  Four men are hung and buried in Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago.

1886 is a story for The 99%. It captures the current worldwide zeitgeist of the disparity between the haves and have nots. This story includes suspenseful elements such as the mystery of who really set off the bomb in Haymarket Square & torrid love affairs.

A lovely reading was hosted by Villa Aurora/Forum Berlin in Pacific Palisades
Now open for director/performer attachments
Go here for more information

Two Scary Guys

WGA registered


2ScaryGuys is a comedy about Curt See and Rhett Cutler who adore Halloween, always have since they were little boys who grew up in the same small town in Southern Maryland.  They’ve worked seasonally at Old Man’s Daniels’ fun park each Halloween. They love it. They live for it. When OMD runs out of money to keep the place going, so goes the guys’ thing that they look forward to every year. A big company lead by Curt's arch nemesis, Eddie Frost, endeavors to open up a new theme park based on a popular series of teen vampire books and movies called Starkly Dark. 

Curt and Rhett decide they can’t let this new company take away what they love and cherish- real monster fun and a tradition or horror and declare they’re starting their own haunted house. Their obstacles are various community groups. The Waldorf Wiccans mount a public relations campaign to do away with the old green and warty nosed witch image. The Daughters of the Confederacy are totally against the guys and Eastboro Baptist attack the haunted house too. Can Curt and Rhett get it together and get the community around their idea?

The Quadrooplettes

WGA registered

Sam gets out of the foster kid system and faces adulthood. He has to find his way. Theodore and Dorothy are twins who are also sorting out their new lives, their after life. They have to find a house to haunt or risk forever being in the unknown. The trio's lives are entwined, as they're part of the divide between mere mortals and "the see-throughs".

The Stroke After Midnight

This is my dream grind-house style movie.

WGA registered

Genre: Horror Comedy #ZomCom
Tagline:  This dead hooker ain’t no joke
Setting: New Orleans
In the tone of: Death Proof and Planet Terror

Logline: A slain prostitute is brought back to life using available body parts of other women in a voodoo ceremony, avenges her death and takes out the bad guys who kept her and other women down. She's every woman. It's all in her.* Thanks Chaka Khan

FRINGE Spec: "Other Ways of Seeing"

BIG BANG THEORY Spec: "Are You Gellin'?"

The T&A Show

Based on the column “T&A Do LA” on LASnark.com

T&A is not about tits and ass, well, maybe a little bit, as all women have them and shouldn’t be afraid of them.  Topie and Ashley are not the provocative, busty blondes who come to mind when you think of Los Angeles.  They’re medium sized, have brains and relish adventure.
Our story is a comedy about two women coming into their own in their ocelot era. What’s an ocelot? Someone who’s too young to be a cougar.  They’re not Gossip Girls anymore and they’re not at the Old Christine (New Adventures of Old Christine) phase.

Senior Living

Senior Living is a coming of age comedy. Stan, 21 and nerdy, is going into his final year of college and head of the mathletes team at his university. He convinces four of his fellow nerds (who are tired of dorm and roommate situations with people their own age) to live part time in disguise and move into a retired persons assisted living community, so they can get some peace and quiet to study and win their coveted math trophy.

It seems like a great idea at first, but after the staff goes home, the senior citizens get rowdy. These octogenarian seniors give the college seniors some schooling on how to really live, be cooler, score chicks- that sort of thing- before they have to enter the “grown-up” world waiting for them. It’s a challenge of the wills between those who act old before their time and those who never really grew up.


We've Got History

WGA registered

In progress:

We've Got History is a comedy about three twenty-nine year single women trapped in the present lament their dating lives and long for a time when men were men and women didn’t aspire to be on reality tv shows.

Deb, Whitney and Marcie live normal lives, working jobs where they feel dispensable. They’re bored of the dating scenes where they live. Their prospects are bleak, and looking back on people they have history with proves nauseating.

Deb’s in LA- men are more into their Blackberries and Porsches than courtship. Whitney’s in New York where she tells Deb it’s not much better, where men get their nails done. Marcie’s in the burbs where guys watch sports and play video games instead of wooing. Moving to another city for a fresh supply of men isn’t going to make a difference.

Not that these women want to be princesses or characters in romance novels; they just want to date during ages where romance was part of life and so was actual living-feeling alive instead of being attached to gadgets, machines and screens all the time. 

The women find the site bangabledudesinhistory.blogspot.com and imagine hooking up with bad boys from the past; not their past, but history’s past.  Their imagination becomes real. Will they like being lost in time in their searches to be lost in love, or will they long to return to the “now”?

Will anyone notice they’re missing? Will going back in time give them what they want for the future?

Thick Skin  a.k.a. The Anti-Social Network

WGA registered

As endorsed by Rejection Therapy founder Jason Comely.

This is a comedy about Peter, 30, a down and out nerd, decides to put himself through Rejection Therapy, learns how to take failure, learns how to say no and meets with some unexpected outcomes, like a woman -- Not just any woman, but -Mallory, who no one can deny, until now.

Nuts & Boltz

Original Half-Hour Spec

WGA registered

N&B is a single camera comedy. Darryl, 30 dapper and urbane, finds himself off the beaten path. He's left LA to go out of town to Nevada for a weekend of couple's counseling to find his girlfriend has left him stranded at the desert resort. He then finds out he lost his job.

Cooper Boltz, mild mannered 30 year old hippie king of the desert, is the proprietor of the resort and has never really left the grounds. Upon a prediction from his psychic, Cooper thinks Darryl's sent to rescue the Cooper's failing family enterprise, an almond farm/hippie hide-a-way called Nuts & Boltz. Other bizarre locals include a woman who runs an acupuncture clinic with the motto "a little prick goes a long way", a woman who owns a dude ranch, a guy who teaches yoga and a guy who runs a free range animal day care center.

Hoodoo You Love? <3

WGA registered


HooDoo You Love is a comedy about 30 year old Hadley Hawkins, who drunkenly defiles a hoodoo alter on spring break during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Because of this she thinks she's cursed to keep seeing ex boyfriends she can't stand the sight of back in New York City. Hadley has to figure out how to remove the "hex" and get on with her life.

Face Time Continuum

(working title)

WGA registered

Strayed from comedy to write this thriller.

A modern re-imagining of Eyes Without a Face-- sounds scary, right? The setting is Los Angeles. The subjects are plastic surgery and dead girls.

Miriam, the daughter of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, loses her face in a freak accident. After many botched surgeries to repair her countenance, she wonders if continuing these procedures is worth it or if she should pursue a different kind of life out there.



WGA registered

Finalist- 2010 Beverly Hills Film Festival


This is a comedy about Candice, 29,  who's in limbo, a transitional time in her life. Her job is so-so. Her boyfriend, Sam, doesn't pay much attention to her.

She goes on a dog sitting job/vacation with her best friends, Denise and Pam. They are all in their late twenties.  They watch Denise's aunt's dog named Andy W in the scenic seaside village of Stony Brook on Long Island for a couple weeks.

The gals find a box of knick knacks and a round they played of the childhood game M.A.S.H- mansion, apartment, shack, or house- that predicts your future. Candice needs a complete overhaul. Denise is happily married, but could use an employment upgrade. Pam has her dream job and car, but is freshly divorced.  They each need a little "something something" for them to feel like their lives are more complete.

Candice runs into a geek from high school- Dax who happens to also live in town. The two of them hit it off, even though they were not really friends in their teens.

The Side Story:

All the while, Dax's friend Max, a monster fanatic, is investigating curious evidence of The Stony Brook Sea Monster, something mysterious and elusive.

Candice and Pam are skeptics, but Denise is a champion of fate. Magically, things on their MASH games start becoming true.  Are they willing these things into happening or it is a mysterious force turning the tides of their lives? 

The town includes grannie types who know more than they let on and other strange characters that make up a comedic landscape.

Celebrities Unlimited

WGA registered

C.U. is a comedy about Max Franklin, 30 year old life of the party, who works for a tabloid television show called Celebrities Unlimited (C.U. for short)- that airs paparazzi videos of Hollywood actors.  His favorite target is an ingénue named Jamie Farley, 25, fresh and pretty. She’s young, beautiful and on her way to the top.  Jamie recently co-starred in the summer’s blockbuster hit. Think Kaley Cuoco who plays "Penny" on The Big Bang Theory.

Max talks about clips of Jamie in every other episode.  He makes fun of her, basically calling her a dumb actress with no talent.  He has videos of her looking her worst.

Jamie gets fed up and gets feisty. She decides to fight back and gives Max a taste of his own medicine. She hires one camera man to catch the most embarrassing parts of Max’s life. She has someone keep track of his Twitter to find out where he is in order to catch him during his most compromising positions. 

She starts a website with sneaky videos of Max.  Jamie pays off Max’s friends to tell her of his whereabouts.  She hires camera guys to follow him around more, stepping it up a notch. They film behind the scenes of Max’s work. Max can’t relax- with a camera filming him at his DUI class, sitting at the bus stop, etc…

The public begins to really like watching clips of Max, the "every man".  The web site gets a million hits in one week.  Max becomes a celebrity in his own right.  Jamie makes more on banner ad sales and click-throughs than her movie salaries.

Jamie’s career is fading because she’s not on Celebrities Unlimited as much as she used to be.  She spends too much time organizing her “anti-Max” website.

In order to get back into the limelight, Jamie starts to stalk Max in person and does things to get into frame with him. She does things like jump on his lap at clubs, trying to make out with him when cameras are around, etc...

Max enjoys his new found notoriety as Jamie's plans backfire. She digs deep to find an ace- more embarrassing things about Max from his high school days. He's ready with information about her that she doesn't want leaked. They agree to meet in a secret place and exchange each other's evidence and in the process let down their guards for one another. They help each other find success in ways they never thought previously possible.

What does fame and celebrity in our digital age really mean?

Pinky Swear
WGA registered

This is a comedy about two 29-year olds about to go over the hill. Jane, a tough city gal, and Oliver, a professional and a softy, pinky swear when they are kids.  They promise that if neither are married by the time they are both 30 years old, that they'll just marry each other. 

The time comes and they're both still un-hitched.  Little did Jane know that Oliver is serious and that there's a magic spell that holds her to it.  She has to find a way to get out it.  Jane tries to find someone else for Oliver or for herself before the clock strikes midnight and her 30th birthday is upon her.  Can she change her fate that she swore away during her childhood?



Under Your Nose

WGA registered

Under Your Nose is a family comedy. Bailey is not your typical dog. He's a surfing dog, a surfing beagle to be precise. This is a cultural phenomenon sweeping Southern California, with competitions in Huntington Beach and San Diego (http://loewssurfdog.blogspot.com/). 

Bailey helps his person, Steve, who works at the FBI solve a burglary ring no one can crack. Think 'Point Break', but with dogs. The story takes them to locales such as Miami and Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge on the Emerald Isle of North Carolina.


Horror Comedy

WGA registered

This is different from other Confederate zombie stories where people just get eaten- this one has a social commentary attached. Neo “rebels” talk the same, think the same, look the same, they don’t really rebel against anything. They adhere to their upbringing of hating “outsiders”.


Tannersville is a still segregated small Southern town with a Confederate Cemetery- as many small Southern towns have and highlight with historical markers.

Bobby Calhoun is a young good ole boy who has been raised to wait until The South rises again, like the generations before him who think The Civil War never really ended. They still honor those like Nathan Bedford Forrest, burn crosses in their spare time and put on Civil War re-enactments, but change the outcome to where The South won.

Edie Webb is is quasi-girlfriend, still figuring herself out- raised Southern Baptist, raised to have kids and bring them up in the church. She loses her virginity to Bobby in the cemetery.

Unbeknownst to them, her blood on a full moon awakens long dead soldiers. This is due to a magic spell done by a CSA leader to awaken his troops to seek vengeance against the “Northern aggression” or anyone who by existing, attempts to ruin their way of life, “as the good lord intended it”.

“Murders” of white people happen that rock Tannersville. These “victims” happened to be glad to see the soldiers march again, until they got eaten by them.

The victims appear dead for three days, then become zombies themselves…

Hanh Le, Nairey Pygosian Ramirez, Sanjit Patel, and Tim Smith are new graduate students at the local college that lured them from out of state with the promise of financial support, then tried to load work on them and discriminate against them. This group of minorities and Tim, along with local Adam Jenkins, figure out what’s going on.  Samara Brown is a young black woman who grew up in Tannersville who stands with the cause. Her brother Lavarius and his friend Joe Edmonds also help the out of towners with the Rebel zombies.

Edie and Samara are attracted to each other. When they kiss, the zombies’ heads explode.

The future of Tannersville and towns like it are at stake…

What will have to happen for them to survive?

Man 9 From Outer Space

WGA registered - synopsis only

Man 9 is a comedy. Irv’s an alien from the Man 9 series. They’re average seeming guys. Man 1 series – Aldous, Alex, Alan- were all too hunky and failed in their mission.  Man 2 S eries- There are others- Brad, Brent, Brandon, Ben.  Man 3- Calvin, Man 4- Derrick, Man 5- Evan, Man 6- Freddie, Man 7- George, Man 8- Henry-- you get it.  Invasion is just too messy and then you have to deal with the aftermaths. 

What was their mission you ask?  -- To get gold from Earth’s women. Their home planet runs on gold- it keeps their vehicles going, it heats their homes, operates their plants.  Man 1 series were foxy gigolos who loved ‘em and left ‘em and swiped their gold.  Women with low self esteem fell for that. 

Man 9 series will woo them, go with a more long term effect. Man 9 will take them panning for gold. Man 9 will be dentists and extract the gold from their very mouths. Man 9 will out smart these Earth women. Elvi’s didn’t fall for Man 1. She’s been burned by a pretty face and six pack abs before. She’s not falling for Man 9 either. Nice guys turn into dicks when you give them the time.  Elvi’s a smart individual investor. She has a safe under her bed and she’s been buying up bars of gold in anticipation of the failing Earth economies.  She wears the key for the safe around her neck and never takes it off. The aliens send in a special agent- Irv.

Irv begins a complex way of “getting to” Elvi.  Does she go for it? 

Elvi’s neighbor, Bethany, is a nosy PhD bio student after her own glory. She figures out that Irv is not of this Earth and captures him for her studies. Elvi has to save Irv.  Does he still try to relieve her of her stock pile of precious metal?

Full Treatments available for the following:


Writers Guild of
America registration no. 1267781

Pillaging is so the new black.

Hermania is a 1980s comedy.  


Herman, a lowly video store clerk having a quarter-life crisis, is fed up with modern life.  He dreads having to grow up, pay the bills, work in a cubicle and not be creatively fulfilled.  He’s having a hard time keeping up with all the new gadgets out there.  Herman and his chaps are not good with women either.  He longs for the ancient times when people lived off the land and worked outside.


The video shop lays off Herman and his friends.  Now jobless, they decide to live by the codes of the Vikings and Celts who once settled Ireland, reading tales of Eric the Red and Leif Eriksson.  Herman and the boys start a settlement out in the woods called Hermania.  They try to catch fish and hunt and grow crops.  They also attempt building fires.  They have moderate success with these activities.  After a couple weeks, the guys are bored.  They actually miss some modern conveniences.


The Hermanians decide they should pillage different cities and get what they want.  They build a rickety Viking ship and sail to different ports.  They get away with items like a big screen television, electric razors and such.  Now back in their village, they enjoy being outdoorsy as well as having these things that make their lives easier.  Meanwhile, a Scotland Yard agent is working on the case to find out what band of criminals keeps conducting these raids.  Alternatively, the Hermanians are garnering a fan base of young women who like their 'burly' ways.


Trouble comes when one of the fellows gets arrested during a pillaging.  The Hermanians rally together to find a solution to having what they want and for getting their friend back.


The resolution is creating a Viking adventure camp/hotel where city people can come out and have fun, the old, old fashioned way.  The Hermanians make the bail money to retrieve their buddy.  They also start Viking Cruiselines.


The Priest, The Rabbi, and the Swami

Writers Guild of America Registration No.


Worshipping and warring just got interesting.


The priest, the rabbi and the swami (all mid 30s) all live in a scenic village/small town in this comedy.  Their places of worship are all at three corners of the same intersection. We see the beauty of each different tradition. They each try to get people to join their congregations.  The men try different methods like a free pancake dinner, a free kosher meal and a free curry buffet.  Each week, the three men compete with one another to see who has more people at their services.


One week, the three of them get a big surprise.  They get ready and go into their respective places of worship.  They wait to begin their speeches, when they notice no one is in attendance.  They each walk to the front door of their buildings and look outside to see that on the fourth corner, there is a new age church that has sprung up.  There is a sign that says:  free sushi and h'ordoerves.  The swami, the rabbi, and the priest all look at each other, mouths agape.  Everyone from their congregations is at the new age center. 


Our three men now must band together.  They have to prove the wrong doings of the new age leader and his minions.  The rabbi, the swami and the priest sneak around to find evidence of the abuses of the “cult” next door and its false idol.  They know that working with one another and respecting one another to thwart the common evil is better than competing with one another.  United, they bring harmony back to their community.


Royal Jelly

WGA registered

Idea by Evan Charnov, Treatment by TD Nguyen


They who hold the jewels, have the power.


An international organization of young people get together to hold the royal bloodline hostage in this comedy.  Four devilishly smart students from Ireland, Britain, France and Switzerland band together, plotting to relieve The Prince of England of the product of his family jewels.  Our four accomplices have the welfare of all people in mind, as well as personal family vendettas against the Windsors. 


The plan is on.  The organization, as it were, sends in a hot seductress, the American, to do the job.  She gets what they need in a condom and gives it to them.  The scientist of the group puts the sperm into cold storage in a secret location.  Soon, deposed royals and Hapsburg cousins from around the world find out about what happened, via underground emails.  They contact the organization and try to buy the jizz, so they produce an heir to England and take it over, get back on top, redeem their families, etc..

The prince realizes what has happened and the royals must develop a counter action.  It is an all out bidding war.  The organization knows that the jizz in the wrong hands is worse than giving it back to its original possessor.  What will they decide to do with it?

LA is Burning

WGA registered

LA is Burning is a dark comedy.

Los Angeles is very prone to wild fires that engulf large parts of the area. 


This is a mystery story of who done it.


We take a look at three different determined women from different stages and walks of life.  They each have something the other two do not.  We examine the haves and the have nots in LA’s different societies.


Jamie is a transplant to LA.  She is a young woman working as an assistant in the entertainment industry.  She has her trials and tribulations with work and men.


Monica is a commercial director with a cheating husband, a loveless marriage.


Sally and her husband are trying to make the American dream work, opening their own market.  They suffer poor business and financial crisis.


They all have motives to set a fire.  Jamie- to get back at her vicious boss.  Monica- to burn her adulterous husband’s things to the ground.  Sally- to collect insurance money on a failed venture.


Can you take the heat?  The ending will surprise you.





























































































































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